Writing KRUG.COM… one of life’s rarer pleasures»

Worth the detour for a few moments of indulgence.

But have you written a fishtank? »

The answer now is "yes". TETRA Peppa Pig Aquarium, leaflet, activity book and POS. For Sales Factory Paris.

Words of motivation for Sodexo»

Philip McEvoy wrote the key theme lines for Sodexo's recognition & rewards website: INSPIRING BEHAVIORS and BRINGING OUT THE BEST OF PEOPLE. For Brand Advocate Paris.

Flying high with AIR FRANCE KLM»

The latest Flying Blue photo contest attracted 140,000 entries. English version of website & social network messaging by Philip McEvoy.

Handpicked by KRUG»

Philip McEvoy has been chosen as copywriter of choice by KRUG. Their champagne has been ranked world's No.1 every year since voting began over 20 years ago. The completely rewritten website is now online at www.krug.com

The luxury of Lejaby»

One of France's finest lingerie houses relaunched with a luxurious new positioning. Discover the carefully crafted English version at www. maisonlejabycouture.com for Agence L, Paris.

AWWWARDS Site of the Day: Invictus Awards by Paco Rabanne»

Brought to life in muscle-rippling 6-pack English by Philip McEvoy for DAN Paris. Vote here: http://www.awwwards.com/web-design-awards/invictus-award-by-paco-rabanne Discover the site here: http://www.pacorabanne.com/invictus/#!/webshow

Customer Loyalty site for GUERLAIN»

The exclusive GUERLAIN range of Orchidée Impériale products needed copywriting with an elegant touch of class. We first wrote the master English version, then our writer Frédéric Neimann produced a lavish French version. For Paris agency Dagobert. VISIT SITE»

Santé !»

ONETOUCH UltraEasy is a meter that people with diabetes can use to test their own blood sugar levels. This fresh campaign features segmented messages aimed at patients and health care professionals. For DDB Health Paris.

Mr Miles: ambitious social media op for Flying Blue»

He's on Facebook and Twitter... but where on the planet is he hiding? Members of AIR FRANCE KLM Flying Blue can try their luck to find him... and win a share of 3 Million Miles. Launched at 9am this morning by Rapp Paris. English version by THE FOREIGN LEGION. http://mrmiles.flyingblue.com/

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