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Shhh…Twizy passes library test

Quieter than the turning of a page. Fewer decibels than that first-year student breathing at the next table. Watch Renault Twizy respect the golden rule of this university library: SILENCE!It’s happening now, until 22ndMay, as the latest Twizy roadshow unfolds. In 16 universities across Portugal, students are meeting the world’s most library-friendly electric car via “UniversiTwizy”.

Driving by the book

The video says it all. Turn left at the TECHNOLOGY section, right at ENVIRONMENT, then straight on to Z for Zero Emissions. During the roadshow, up to 100 students each day have the chance to test drive Twizy for themselves.


Although, following the excitement of that video event in the library, test drives are now being held outside. Some conscientious students complained about being disturbed. Not by the Twizy, but by the sound of oohs and ahhs…

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